Cherry Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Tart Cherries

Up until now, little research has been done to compare the difference in the health benifits of the U of S dwarf sour cherry varieties to the more traditional Montmarcey and Meteor varieties. The U of S and companies like us are starting to do further research on the health benefits of the U of S cherries.

Here are some excerpts from the Cherry Marketing Institute of Michigan,“ The Red Report”

Tart cherries carry a unique package of antioxidants, anthocyanins, phyto nutrients that are beneficial with reducing gout pain, and helping with sleep issues. They can help with post exercise muscle pain.

Tart cherries also are a source of melatonin. This compound helps people with sleeping issues.

The U of S dwarf sour cherries are darker in color and there are some preliminary tests that might indicate that they are higher in cyanidine-3 (the anti-inflammatory anthocyanin). Some other trials confirm that the U of S dwarf cherries contain high levels of perilyl alcohol and prunetin which help regulate the immune system and women’s hormonal health.

Check out the following website to find out more on tart cherries and the super power health kick they provide.




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