Haskap Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Haskap

Haskap has long been known by the ancient Anui people of Japan as the fruit of long life and good eyesight. Many times when a food is noted in ancient text there is some validity behind that statement.

As part of a CAPP project, Haskap Canada did some preliminary testing on fresh Tundra berries for some basic test results. The fruit was picked July 5th at a Brix of 16.

The first lab, Brunswick Laboratories in New Hampshire tested for total ORAC, total phenolics, total anthocyanins, total bioflavanoids and total resveratrol. The results came back very promising, especially for the phenolics, anthocyanins and the ORAC. The only negative result was the resvaratrol., haskap has none.

Haskap nutritionORAC – 13400mmolesTE/100gms
Total Phenolics – 1014mg/100gms
Total Anthocyanins – 949mg/100gms
Total Bioflavonoids – 887mg/100gms

The anthocyanin level is the highest out of any fruit that we could find.

The second lab, Sunwest Labs in Saskatoon did a comprehensive test on the nutritional guarantee. As you can see from the attached Nutritional Guarantee (appendix 2), the fruit is high in Vitamin C and A along with high fibre and potassium.

So what are Phenols, Anthocyanins and Bioflavonoids? They are all different type of compounds known as anti-oxidants. Each one has different types of health properties. Most people tend to use the overall ORAC value in determining the oxidative capacity of the food. We believe that variety is the spice of life, and any time you can consume a variety of foods with different chemical compositions, your health is better for it.

Haskap berries make it on Dr. Oz, presented by Bryce Wylde.

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