Our Lily History

Our Lily History

LilyI have always had a fondness for flowers. I can remember walking to school as a young girl passing by all the yards filled with beautiful flowers. My grandmother always had vases filled with flowers all summer long. As the years past, my husband and I moved to a farm. With a blank canvass and a lot of space I started planting. It didn’t take me long to realize that lilies were my favorite. They are stunning, easy to grow and they survive our cold Prairie winters. What more could you ask for! I decided that what an interesting way to diversify our u-pick by growing and selling Lilies.

I read an article in the Western Producer back in 2008 regarding a Prairie Lily breeder named Fred Fellner. What better way for me to learn more by getting into contact with him. Fred and I hit it off. Every time I talked with him our conversations would last at least an hour. He then offered me a once in a lifetime opportunity. He asked if I would be interested in becoming one of a few people to take over his lily breeding program. I couldn’t pass it up.

Fred Fellner has been breeding lilies on the Prairies since the late sixties. This quiet, gentle man is one of the most giving people I know. He is always willing to share his ideas about growing lilies. He has some of the finest breeding stock in the world. He has won the NALS E.H. Wilson Award. It is a prestigious award given to people noted for their contributions to the genus Lilium. He has had articles written in the Western Producer, Gardens West magazine, and referenced in Prairie gardening books.
His lilies are known for drought & disease resistance, colour brilliance, winter hardiness & high bud count.

Every year I get more amazed by their beauty and I end up with a new favorite down every row!! Please, check out the lily photo gallery to view the various flowers.

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