Please feel free to check out some of these industry links that we have found useful in the past.

Haskap Canada -The only industry link for all haskap related topics.
U of S Plant Science Department – Has many updates and fruit articles writen by Dr. Bob Bors, Rick Sawatzky and the rest of the Fruit Science department.
Government of Saskatchewan – See what services the Province of Saskatchewan can offer producers, processors and exporters.
Canadian Cherry Producers – A members association that promotes and aids in the research of the U of S sour cherry industry.
Saskatchewan fruit growers association. Has many good links to other fruit related articles and websites.
An interesting pdf file on haskap from a plant propagator in PEI, Canada.

Sells plastic mulch and irrigation systems.
Where we bought all of our irrigation equipment. Very helpful at finding the right type of system for your needs. We went with a solar powered timer and a diesel pump that is hooked up to a battery timer. The cheapest place we found for buying netafim drip tape.
Where we bought our plant material from. Local for Saskatchewan producers. Very professional and good quality of seedlings.
A good contact for purchasing harvesting equipment.

Fruit Processors
A cherry processing company that we are part owners of.

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