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Our Store

Fruit ToppingsFor More Than Just Ice Cream

These delicious toppings go great with pancakes, waffles, or on toast. They can be added into smoothies, mixed in with Greek yogurt, meat marinades or even used to make salad vinaigrette.

Haskap Topping- NOT YET IN STORE

Haskap Topping

  • Currently only  available at trade shows
  • We currently sell our topping in a 190ml jar
  • We plan to make 355 ml sizes in 2014
  • All fruit used is grown on our farms
  • The flavour is tangy yet sweet
  • Has the beautiful royal blue color of the fruit

Saskatoon / Tart Cherry ToppingSaskatoon / Tart Cherry Topping

  • 355ml bottle
  • Wonderful blend of Northline saskatoons and juliette sour cherries. The sour cherries give the Saskatoon flavour a real kick
  • All fruit used is grown on our farms
  • Makes a great pie or tart filling
  • The topping is made up of 2/3 saskatoons & 1/3 tart cherries

Raspberry topping

Comes in 120 ml jar.  We only use our own Heritage style raspberries.  Has a tart and tangy flavour.  Reminds most people of old fashioned raspberry jam but has 1/2 the sugar.

Sweet and Spicy Sauce

New in 2015.  A unique blend of fruit and peppers that has flavorful kick.  The product can be used as a replacement anytime you might use Salsa, BBQ sauce or chutney.

Berry Brew Iced Green Teas

  • All flavors contain 10% juice
  • we press our own fruit for juice
  • made with Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea
  • Has organic cane sugar and citric acid
  • Only contains 95 calories per 355ml serving
  • Half the amount of sugar compared to traditional iced teas
  • Contains no sodium
  • 4 unique flavours that can be drank both chilled and hot

 Raspberry Mint, Saskatoon Lemon, Cherry Cinnamon and Haskap

Tart Cherry JuiceTart Cherry Juice

  • This cherry juice that has been made by a co-operative group of 8 growers that we belong to
  • The juice comes in a 355ml bottle
  • It has an intense tart cherry flavour
  • There are no additives, water or sugar
  • It is not a concentrate
  • It is sold under the brand name, Every Day Farms- Aunt Mary’s Genuine Cherry Juice


We market all of our delicious topping flavours in 30gram chocolates that are hand made. Each chocolate is individually wrapped and can be sold as singles or in a box of 8 for special occasions.

Future products

2013 was the first year that we actually had some extra fruit available to process. Most of our orchard was planted in 2008 and each year we should get more and more production.

We of course will have fresh fruit available at our u-pick and the North Battleford’s farmers market. Large orders of frozen Pitted cherries, Haskap and Saskatoons may be available upon request (only in Saskatchewan).

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