If you are interested in purchasing haskap, tart cherries, or lilies, you’ve come to the right place. Haskapberries.com is a web site promoting the 2 separate businesses that we own and also has loads of information related to the two horticulture fields that we love; Fruit and Flowers.

Eagle Hill Foods

Eagle Hill FoodsEagle Hill Foods is a partnership owned by Paul and Jacquie Mitchell along with Paul’s parents, Terry and Barb Mitchell. This venture started in 2007 with the planting of 12 000 haskap trees and 4000 dwarf sour cherry trees. This 30 acre orchard is located alongside the Battle River. The orchard should start some production in 2012.

Eagle Hill Foods is also the marketing brand that we are using for our processed fruit products and frozen fruit.  We are no longer making any processed products, however may look to do so again in the future.  We are also all sold out of frozen fruit for the 2016 year  Please check back with us in the summer of 2017 to see on fresh and frozen fruit avaialability.

Battle River Berries

Battle River BerriesBattle River Berries is the farm name for our U-pick and lily operation. Jacquie has always had a love for plants. When we moved back to the Battlefords in 2003 and purchased a farm, we thought, what better time to start having a business involved in a hobby you love. We started by planting strawberries and raspberries and have since added saskatoons, sour cherries and haskap. We also started lily breeding in 2009 and plan on selling bulbs starting 2012. We sell our fresh products and lilies on the farm and at the North Battleford farmers market.

We have information posted regarding haskap, cherries, lilies, and many of the other fruits that we grow. There are numerous photos in our photo gallery and links to other industry related sites. Feel free to peruse through the site. If you have any questions, don’t be shy, contact us through email or our interactive blog.

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